"Through the medium of photography, Youthlight helps young people gain confidence in expressing themselves and in trusting their instincts – skills that help them combat negative influences in their lives."

Adair Margo, Chairman of the President’s Committee on the
Arts and the Humanities.

Access Art is an after school arts and media center that empowers youth to use their artistic ability and their unique understanding of their environment as catalysts for social change in their communities.

"Because of the program I have realized that I have the power to do something, to be somebody. Not only do we recognize the problems of our society, but we shine a light on the positive."
Bret, age 17

"Photography class is a very important activity for me ....because it gives me a chance to unleash my creativity, learn new things, and be myself."
Satarian, age 16

"Photography has also helped me gain self-esteem and become more confident in what I can do. It has helped me to grow as a person."
Ebony, age 17